Selecting the Right Serpentine System

The Beast™ vs the Wraptor™

The Beast™   The Wraptor™
Lowest Price Price Best Value (All Inclusive!)
Original OEM Type Look Look Compact Design
Multiple 8-Rib Belt System Belts Single 8-Rib Belt System
Available in Black or Polished Finish Available in Polished, Black, C3, Black Diamond, and Carbon Fiber*
Ability to Reuse Current Accessories Accessories Includes all new accessories
Turnbuckle Belt Tightening Belt Tightening Spring Loaded Tensioner Belt Tightening
Multi-stage install Install Easy Install

Compatible with Hydroboost

100 or 140 AMP Alternator 140 AMP Standard; Compatible with 300Amp Mechman Alternators
  Variety Widest Variety of Makes Available

**Carbon Fiber Finish only available for SBC, BBC, LSX, SBF, 351C, and BB Chrysler.

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