390 Alternator Bracket (Revision E)



Step 1: Remove water pump pulley and old alternator bracket.

Step 2. Attach alternator relocation bracket (circle end) to the threaded hole on the alternator using a 3/8 X 1.25” SHCS.

Note: Do not tighten any bolts until the very end.

Step 3: Attach Alternator Bracket to water pump using (2) 3/8 X 1.00 SHCS as seen in the image on page 1.

Step 4: Attach adjusting rod to the main bracket as seen in the image below. The .34” spacer will be used between the adjusting rod and main bracket.

Step 5: Install alternator to the head using 3/8 X 5.5” SHCS and the 1.50” spacer (below).


Step 6: Attach the alternator to the relocation bracket using the remaining 3/8 X 1.00 SHCS.

Step 7: Tighten all bolts to fully secure the bracket and alternator.

Step 8: After the belt is installed, use a wrench to turn the adjusting rod until the belt is properly tightened.


Note: This bracket is intended for both serpentine and V-belt applications. We recommend using Gates 8 Rib belts for serpentine and Gates Series 15 (13/32” Top Width) V-Belts.

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