Remote Power Steering Reservoir

REMOTE-PS-RES Installation Instructions (Revision B)


Step 1: Insert Baffle into Bottom Cap. Baffle Must Be on The Return Side of The Reservoir Bottom Cap. Tap Baffle into Cap Gently Until Baffle is Secure. 3-4 hits with a hammer should do it. You Should Not Be able to Remove Baffle with your hands.


Step 2: Install O-Rings on top and bottom caps (see image below). Carefully tighten by hand without marking the surface.


Step 3: Mount bracket to fenderwell, firewall or other suitable location in the engine compartment. Max angle is 30 degrees to prevent accidental spillage. Do not block or plug vent hole in cap.

Step 4: While leaving white tape in place on foam pad, carefully position reservoir in bracket approximately halfway into the bracket and tighten set screws. Make sure the placement is correct because the set screws will permanently mark the reservoir surface.

Threads on bottom of reservoir are 3/8” NPT to accommodate a variety of aftermarket -AN fittings.

Power Steering Diagram



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