What is VVT and Do I Have it? (Chevy LS)

VVT, or Variable Valve Timing, was an automatic system used to adjust valve timing on LS engines based on current conditions. It was implemented on various LS engines from 2007-2015. As you can see on the timing covers below, VVT can cause major issues when trying to upgrade your front end accessory drive. 

LS VVT vs STD Timing Cover.JPG


The timing cover on the left is equipped with VVT while the image on the right does not. Most people decide to just swap out timing covers when it comes to upgrading their front accessory drive, but that is not always necessary as there are plenty of benefits that come with keeping the VVT System. Check out this great article by Motortrend for more information on VVT.

Regardless of what you decide to do, CVF gives you the option if you want to continue running VVT or remove it. Our Mid-Mount LS Wraptorâ„¢ is fully compatible with VVT, just be sure to select the VVT option when configuring your kit.


If you are unable to look at your engine to check for VVT, the following RPO codes came standard with the system. 

4.8L 5.3L 6.0L 6.2L
L20 LC9 L76 L92
  LH9 L96 L94
  LMG LC8 L99


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