Do I Need a High Amperage Alternator?

One of the most common questions we get asked is "how large (amps) of an alternator do I need?" All stock vehicles will typically get by with small alternators in the range of 60 to 100 amps. As our industry has evolved over the years, very few vehicles can still be considered "stock". We have come a long way from needing to run a few lights and a radio. Air suspension, sound systems, air conditioning, electric fans, aftermarket ignitions and electric water pumps are just handful of the upgrades common in today's builds.

Here at CVF Racing we provide a wide variety of alternator sizes that allow you to accommodate just what you are running in your vehicle. In fact, all of our Wraptor™ All Inclusive Serpentine Systems include a 140 AMP alternator by default to help you run whatever you need. Luckily if 140 AMPs isn't enough, we have an upgrade available for a 300 AMP alternator by Mechman available with all CVF Wraptors.

To get a better idea of how many amps your vehicle and its components require, check out the chart below for estimates on what each component can draw. **Note: these are estimates only. Always check with the manufacturer of each component**


Component Low End Draw High End Draw
Air Conditioning 20 21
Air Suspension 20 50
Amplifiers (70 is average) 10


Back-Up Lights 3 4
Cigarette Lighter 10 12
CD/Radio with AMP 7 14
CD/Radio without AMP 2.5


Clock -


Dash Panel Gauges 1.5


Defroster 6


Dome Light 1 2
Electric Fans 6 15
Electric Fuel Pump 3 8
Electric Water Pump 5 15
Headlight Dimmer - 2
Low Beams 8 10
High Beams 13 15
Horn 10 20
Ignition 1.5 36
License Plate Light 1.5 2
Nitrous Solenoid 5 8
Parking Light 1.5


Power Antenna 6


Power Seats 25


Power Windows  20


Side Marker Light 1.3


Tail Light 5




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