CVF Coating & Finish Types


Check out our 4 high quality finishes available on all of our products featured in this video - plus more information below on our all new Carbon Fiber finish just released in the Summer of 2020. For fully up to date information on finish types, kits they're available on and shipping estimates visit our Finish Types Overview Page on

Polished Aluminum: Our most common and most affordable finish. Available on all CVF Racing Products

Stealth Black: Our black anodize finish offers superior corrosion resistance with a slick black finish. Available on most CVF Racing Products

C3 Ceramic Clear Coat: One of our newest additions and exclusive to our Wraptor™ Systems brought to you by Cerakote. This coating provides more protection than our polished aluminum finish without flaking or yellowing in heat like most powder coating finishes

Black Diamond: Our newest and fastest growing finish that is exclusive to our Wraptor™ Systems. This finish takes our Stealth Black and machines a silver line around the products making it really stand out!

NEW: Carbon Fiber: This exclusive, CVF only finish showcases our hand polished billet aluminum reinforced with 100% authentic carbon fiber. This stunning finish type uses the finest aerospace-grade carbon fiber available, and provides an unparalleled look that you can only get at CVF.

Learn more about available CVF Finish Types here

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